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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Property Inventory Service - Introduction

Digital Photographic Inventories Help You Prove Ownership & Condition

Are You Looking For A Digital Photographic Property Inventory, To HELP You Protect What You Have Worked Hard For?

A Digital Photographic Inventory is an accurate visual asset record of property and contents! What you need to prove ownership in case of loss through disaster, emergency or theft.
During recent years the Insurance Council of Australia, [ICA], has reported the issue of under-insurance, a major problem for many Australians. Not similar to No Insurance, Under-Insurance is a problem that is usually found out when a claim is submitted to the insurance company.
  • 35% of all contents are markedly under-insured!

  • 23% of properties with NO insurance!
It is the property owners responsibility to make sure there is no under-insurance before submitting a claim. How to do this and doing it before a claim is often a problem for many home owners. A simple solution is the property inventory making you aware of what you have in an instant, allowing corrections to be made to the insurance cover. DO NOT be mislead into the belief that those property owners suffering under-insurance knew of this fact! Most did not! And those that did? Well they left it to late!

Having an up to date property / content inventory is important as having a will! All of us after a disaster want to recover financially, mentally and quickly! A digital photographic property inventory will HELP you to do this!

Along with the threat of the changing climate, accidental disasters and theft are all to common. A property inventory is the solution for recording all your assets simply and accurately.

This Property Inventory Service Information site has been designed to answer your questions:
  • Why Do I Need A Property Inventory?

  • How Does A Property Inventory Help To Realise & Eliminate Under-Insurance?

  • How To Calculate Contents Under-Insurance?

  • What Is The Process Of Taking A Digital Photographic Property Inventory?

  • How Does A Digital Photographic Property Inventory Assist With Property Management?

  • What Is A Tenants Inventory?

  • How Can A Property Inventory Help Proving Ownership In Divorce Settlement?

  • Where Do You Find A Home Inventory Service?

  • What To Look For In A Home Inventory Business?

  • The Common Feature & Benefits Of A Home Inventory?

  • What You Need To Know About The Home Relocation Inventory?

  • Why Seniors Need A Retirement Inventory?
You will be kept up-to-date with the developments in the Property Inventory Service industry here in Australia.

If you are a Property Inventory Service supplier interested in having information or articles included on this blog please the offices of Aussie Home Inventories.

Create Your Inventory Using The Home Inventory Software We Use

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LOSS IS RANDOM - PREPARATION IS NOT! - Will You Keep On Gambling With Your Home After Watching These Video?

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