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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Preparing Your Family, Home & Hard Earned Possessions For Loss

Prepare Your Home & Family For The Unexpected!

At the top of everyone's 'to do list' when they hear of loss through disaster, emergency or theft, is how to increase the preparation for their family, their home and their hard earned possessions!

Here is some FREE advice for you right now, to allow you to take CONTROL of that situation!

All to often people whom have suffered a loss, are reported as under-insured, not insured, or simply not having any record of what was lost!

Would It Not Be Assuring To Know That You Are Totally Prepared?

You are about to learn how to get your family, your home, prepared against loss! Protecting your hard earned possessions!

Learning how to do this is one thing! What about if there was a service, that could help you out and do the hard work for you? Well there is! Aussie Home Inventories, a New South Wales based Home Inventory Service. An independent professional service, supplying digital photographic home inventories, to those home and business owners wanting to be prepared!

Lets look at some basic facts about homes and insurance:

  • 35% of homes are not insured!
  • 70% of contents are under-insured!

NOW, that is a lot of unprepared Australian households out there! And whilst these figures may vary, even after recent storms, floods and fires, updated figures still tell a similar story! Australians NEED to increase their protection from loss! Apathy, no time, been meaning to! etc. etc. Yes! We have heard it all to often! If you are the type of person whom after suffering a loss, would create an inventory of personal property, then in readiness for next time, you need to act TODAY, to be prepared for TOMORROW!

By the way, if you are one of the homeowners that thinks disaster, accident or theft will miss your home! Sorry! Life is not that good!

Ask yourself this question. 'How many of the people whom suffered a loss, knew about the event in enough time to make a difference? Answer, ' None of them! By the time you hear about the event, it is to late! By then of course your insurance company does not want to hear from you either!

We have learned, it is getting to be more and more important to have a record of your property. Why? Have you not heard about it becoming more difficult to make a claim! Very often, you are asked for a list of details to prove ownership to make your claim, to prove what was lost!

Have You Noticed That Climate Change Is No Longer A Theory! It Has Begun!

With events becoming more frequent and with more severity, it is becoming more difficult to make a claim!

So, if people know it is going to be easier to make a claim, with correct up to date information. Why is it, they still do not get around to recording their property in advance? Maybe they just look around the room and think, OK! Well there is not to much stuff of value in here, I could easily remember all of that!

OK. Let's Try That Theory Out! Take The Test!

Look Around The Room & Try Remembering The Items In The Room.

Now, what about all the rooms, the whole house in fact! Do not forget the outside! YES, do not forget the garages and sheds. And what about that stuff stored elsewhere? OK! Maybe you remembered most of it, but what are you going to say or do when you are asked for a detailed list, for example, item name, item description, type, serial numbers, model numbers, cost, replacement value, etc. Especially at the time of trauma after a loss this is VERY, VERY Difficult!

Mind you, if you had all of that information easily on hand, that would be very handy! Especially in some format that was clear and easily understood. How easy would that be? You could simply have all the information easily forwarded to the insurance company or authorities! Having more time to focus on your own and families personal needs! So what do you get with an Aussie Home Inventory? Well to start with:

  • Your property is digitally recorded with up to date equipment : Easily forwarded to insurance companies and the police.
  • Information stored on CD & DVD : Accessible via PC , MAC & DVD player.
  • A printed index of images : Confirmation of items recorded being a simple worksheet.
  • Date stamped images : Providing proof of property at that date.
  • Two copies of the media : One for your fire safe, the other for the bank deposit box.
  • Blank Inventory Forms : Useful for pre-inventory recording, or to add new items keeping your inventory up to date.
  • Item details are recorded : Expediting theft recovery and proving ownership.
  • Optional Annual Update Program : You simply forward the new additions & changes, you receive the updated inventory.
  • Optional Off Site Storage : Safe storage of your inventory in a secure off-site security box.
  • Optional DVD 'Express Inventory' : A walk through recording of your home.

And not to be forgotten all Aussie Home Inventories are:

  • Carried out by Inventory Consultants whom are fully insured, professional and accurate.
  • Supplied with a Certificate Of Inventory Completion.
  • Backed by a Written Guarantee.
  • Presented in binder or portfolio.
  • Easily tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Accepted by insurance companies and authorities.
  • Deleted from our computers unless you make other arrangements.

We understand that everyone has privacy issues, so we will attend your property with visual identification and a police clearance check.

We can supply you with further information, such as advice in disaster preparation and evacuation procedures. To enable your family and friends to get prepared, we offer you the chance to help them out, with Home Inventory Gift Vouchers.

Let us Help To Increase Your Peace Of Mind by creating a Home Inventory of your home! Not only will you be prepared for disaster, accident or theft, but your Home Inventory can be used to help:

  • Insure your contents for a suitable replacement cost, eliminating under-insurance.
  • Speed up the process of any claim by having at hand accurate records.
  • Allow your standard of living to remain the same after an event.
  • Easing the thought of relocation.
  • Realising your net worth in regards to estate & financial planning.
  • Creating a prenuptial agreement.
  • Being aware of what you have in storage at a glance.
  • Facilitating and expediting theft recovery.
  • Proving ownership in divorce settlement.
  • Creating peace of mind in case of loss.

One thing for sure is that after a loss if there was a neighbour up the road whom was aware, prepared, insured, and recovered quickly from a loss, we would wish at that time it was us! Well The Time Is Here! You Can Be That Neighbour!

With most people whom have suffered a loss, if they could wind the clock back to before the event, they would make sure their preparation was better! After all they usually go out and get prepared afterwards! It is a pity they had to go through what they did to learn the hard way! If you could foresee the loss you would be out there getting ready! Getting prepared! Now Is The Time!

To make sure you are one of the prepared, whom wants to benefit! What you have to do is get your home inventory created now! Don't put it off! If your street was flooded tomorrow? Do you expect the flood to divert around your home? You will be in the same boat as everyone else! And it could be literally!

OK! So far you have learned:

  • Why You Need To Get Prepared.
  • How You Can Easily Get Prepared.
  • What Could Happen If You Don't!

In answer to, 'When Do You Start The Process'! Do It Now! Call Aussie Home Inventories Today! They offer home inventory options, starting at low affordable prices. Their inventories are accurate and recorded by independent inventory professionals.

REMEMBER THIS ! - Aussie Home Inventories is here to HELP YOU!

P.S. Don't waste time or let fear, apathy hold you back. If you are the type of person whom after suffering a loss would create an inventory of personal property, then in readiness for next time, you need HELP NOW!

Call Aussie Home Inventories TODAY! Get Prepared TOMORROW!

Create Your Inventory Using The Home Inventory Software We Use

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Loss Is Random - Preparation Is Not!

LOSS IS RANDOM - PREPARATION IS NOT! - Will You Keep On Gambling With Your Home After Watching These Video?

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