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Friday, August 22, 2008

DIY Property Inventory List - Complex

Aussie Home Inventories Helping You To Take Inventory

Are You Looking For A FREE DIY Property Inventory List?

One That Is Already Formatted! With All The Information You Would Have To Otherwise Add!

Aussie Home Inventories, a major Property Inventory Service in Australia, is making available a FREE DIY Property Inventory List. This comprehensive list will allow all property owners wishing to take inventory, to get started immediately on recording and documenting what they own. The DIY Property Inventory List, allows the property owner to record:
  • Personal & property details.
  • Details of lender, insurance supplier, real estate and solicitor.
  • Property renovations & improvements.
  • Items location, type, quantity, serial & model numbers, manufacturer, value.
  • Personal items and clothing.
The DIY Property Inventory List also comes with:
  • Twenty plus locations, with additional location and item forms.
  • Specified item, business item and specified item forms.
  • Item summaries.
Aussie Home Inventories welcomes any feedback on this FREE DIY Property Inventory List. To download your copy simply click on the link and enter your details. You will receive the download link in your email.

FREE DIY Home Inventory List - Download Link

Are You Are Too Short Of Time, Skills Or Equipment To Start Your Inventory?

Call Aussie Home Inventories!

People with busy lifestyles use Aussie Home Inventories to create professional, independent Property Inventories. They have a blend of Inventory Services to suit all individual's needs, from photographic property inventories, database property inventories to written property inventories.

Create Your Inventory Using The Home Inventory Software We Use

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Loss Is Random - Preparation Is Not!

LOSS IS RANDOM - PREPARATION IS NOT! - Will You Keep On Gambling With Your Home After Watching These Video?

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