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Monday, December 29, 2008

Creating Business Inventories - Using A Barcode Scanner

Creating Business Inventories - Using A Barcode Scanner

Are You A Business Owner Looking To Take Inventory?

Would You Like To Change From Your Existing System Of Taking Inventory, To One That Saves You Time & Increases Efficiency?

Creating a Business Inventory can be a time consuming exercise, or a quick experience, depending on your chosen system of business inventory creation. Business owners are often looking for an accurate system, that saves time and allows for the easy creation of simple business inventories. If your stock has barcodes you can now make use of these codes, when creating your business inventory. To speed up the process of creating your business inventory, what you need is a barcode scanner. Using a barcode scanner is so much quicker and accurate, than the traditional methods of, 'checking-off' lists.

A popular inventory scanner on the market today, is the Groqit Barcode Scanner. Popular because this scanner does not need scanner software, and portable terminals like some other business inventory creation systems.

Using a pocket sized Groqit, can help your business with inventory tracking, when you have stock that uses standard retail barcodes, and Global Trade Item Number formats, such as:
  • UPC - Universal Product Code [GTIN-12].
  • EAN - European Article Number [GTIN-13].
A Groqit barcode scanner can quickly help you check and confirm:
  • What's In Stock.
  • Incoming Shipments.
  • Re-Ordering.
  • Stock In Remote Locations.
Taking inventory of your business could not be easier, when using a Groqit. An inventory scanner that allows you to create diverse business inventories and sorted lists, that can be easily combined into spreadsheets. If your business stock is spread over multiple locations, it is easily recorded by this pocket sized device. The ease of creating your business inventory is further enhanced, by being able to use multiple Groqits.

How Easy Is The Groqit To Use?

The Groqit is one of the easiest and most efficient business inventory creation systems available. Creating your business inventory takes a fraction of the time, that it would take to put together a barcode scanner, scanner software and portable terminal. Simply scan the barcode and the information is instantly stored in the Groqit.
Do I Need A Computer?

The answer is NO, as the Groqit is a portable. This barcode scanner is standalone device that can be used almost anywhere. The Groqit does not require:
  • External Power.
  • A Computer.
  • Wireless Connections.
Business owners using a Groqit, have the advantage of taking the inventory with them when they travel.

Can I Use The Groqit, With An Existing Business Inventory System?

The Groqit is designed with extremely simple data storage. Software created by third-parties allows Groqit files to be easily accessed. Popular spreadsheets can import and export Groqit files without any problems. The Groqit works with a system of easily assigned categories, files, records and fields. Weighing in at only 65grams and being able to store over three million barcodes, makes the Groqit a popular inventory scanning device. Capable of providing an easy, simple and quick business inventory.

What Business Type Is The Groqit Suited To?

Groqits are used by many different business types and situations, such as:
  • Trades People.
  • Conventions.
  • Special Events.
  • Retail Outlets.
It does not matter whether you are tracking business stock, or people at an event, the Groqit simply assigns everything a barcode.

What About Supplier's Barcodes?

The Groqit can verify barcodes on items you receive, as well as checking printed barcodes for readability. A feature of the Groqit, is that the barcode is displayed when scanned, allowing you to compare the numbers printed under the barcode, with the actual barcode.

How Do I Get A Groqit For My Business?

Simply click on Groqit Inventory Scanner to learn more about using a Groqit to create your business inventory and how:
  • It Is Used In The Warehouse.
  • Monitors Attendance At Special Functions.
  • Reduces Restocking Times.
  • It Compares to Other Barcode Scanners / Readers / Inventory Creation Devices.
The Groqit Barcode scanner is also a easy solution for creating inventories of personal property. To learn more about how a Groqit can create an inventory of your books, CD's & DVD's in minutes read our article: Book - CD - DVD - Personal Property Inventory Scanner.

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