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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Divorce Inventories - Solutions For A Better Property Settlement

Divorce Inventories Are A Solution For A Better Property Settlement

Would You Prefer To Be In Control Of Your Own Divorce?

Are You Looking For Ways To Keep Legal Fees Low & Speed Up The Process?

The process of divorce can be a lot quicker and cost you less, when a Divorce Inventory is created of property and contents. The Divorce Inventory will provide the details needed, for a satisfactory division of assets and liabilities. Too many couples whom get divorced, are not 100% aware of what is being discussed in the divorce process. When property is going to be divided, it is best to take inventory. Whether the case goes to court or not, the act of creating the inventory is confirming, there may be a property division issue.

Of the assets discussed in divorce, the home and any retirement plans are usually at the top of the list. Other property, that may have been acquired during marriage can be:
  • Vehicles.
  • Home Contents.
  • Bonds / Stock.
  • Jewellery / Antiques / Art.
  • Bank Accounts / Pensions.
  • Family Businesses.
What Property Needs to Be Included In The Divorce Inventory?

It is best to include all of the property that may be questioned in the process. Legal rules and regulations with reference to divorce, will be different depending on where you live. Often property is classed as marital or separate, and this can be helpful in the divorce process, when it is listed in the Divorce Inventory.

Marital property, is property that is owned by both spouses, the concept is different from whom owns it, possesses it, or uses it. Marital property is determined at the date of divorce, and not the date of separation.

Separate property, is non-marital property, even though it may have been acquired during the marriage. Separate property can be:
  • Gifts to either spouse from a third party.
  • Inherited items of value by either spouse.
  • Any item that was agreed at that time to be none marital by both spouses.
Some property may be marital and non-marital. A house purchased before the marriage but later funded by a loan, will be part marital and part non-marital. Property acquired before marriage is not considered marital. Check with local professionals, for up to date legal regulations in your area.

How You Can Speed Up Property Division?

Claims for property division are going to be much easier when a Divorce Inventory is available. The benefits of a Divorce Inventory are that it can:
  • Help With Property That Fraudulently Disappears.
  • Assist With The Recovery Of Stolen Property.
  • Easily Show Net Worth.
Property Division is commonly done through the courts and this can be costly and timely affair!

The Divorce Inventory is the first step you need to take to reduce your costs and time. You should aim to only pay lawyers for their unique skills, and not to take inventory. It may take you time to create the Divorce Inventory, but it will make the assessment of the property much easier. If you wish to do the Divorce Inventory yourself, Aussie Home Inventories has a DIY Home Inventory suitable for use as a Divorce Inventory.

Click To Visit Home Inventory Services By Aussie Home Inventories

If you would rather the Divorce Inventory be created by independent professionals then contact Aussie Home Inventories to help you. This Home Inventory Service supplies inventories that are easily tailored to the needs of the client.

Taking Control Of Your Divorce & Learning How To Reduce Lengthy Litigation!

This is the second step in reducing costs and time. For some people this may sound to daunting, but at the end of the day most of the divorce procedure is paperwork, which most people can do successfully, with the bonus of financial gain and time saved. Luckily for you there are Divorce Packs that have the complete documentation to assist and help you, carry out the process efficiently.

A Divorce Pack is a simple way to keep your legal fees and life under your control, for a similar cost to one hour of a lawyers time! This is your DIY Divorce Process that is a strategic plan allowing you to stay in control of your divorce. You will be able to reduce lengthy litigation and allow well prepared parties to increase the chances of a speedy resolution.

Click on the banner below to learn more about how a Divorce Pack can save you considerable time and money!

The process of going through divorce is going to be more successful, when there is an inventory of property in question. Keeping costs to a minimum and making sure the process goes smoothly, are at the top of everyone's list.

Create Your Divorce Inventory Using The Home Inventory Software We Use

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