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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Emergency Food & Water - For Evacuation & Survival

Survival & Evacuation Kits Increase Disaster Preparation

Have You Created A Disaster / Evacuation Plan For Your Home & Family? - Are You Now Thinking Of What Else There Is To Include, In This Disaster Preparation / Evacuation Process?

What Knowledge Do You Have Of Basic Survival Skills?

Have You Thought Of Emergency Food & Water Supplies?

Basic Survival Skills - Are crucial when preparing for a disaster or emergency. These skills will increase your chances of survival, throughout a dangerous situation. Most people are not taught basic survival skills, unless they have been through special training. Therefore taking the time to take these skills on board, will increase survival chances.

You Can Learn These Basic Survival Skills, In A Short Amount Of Time!

With global warming it appears these dangerous situations, are on the increase and the world is seeing more frequent and severe:
  • Hurricanes & Major Storms.
  • Earthquakes & Fires.
  • Tsunamis & Floods. 
It is therefore advantageous to have the correct survival skills and equipment, to keep your family and home prepared. When loss is great, there has often been little warning of the event and therefore little preparation.

So What Are The Basic Survival Skills, That You Should Aim To Learn?
  • Being Able To Know & How To Light A Fire.
  • Having Enough Water Or Knowing How To Find Water.
  • Finding Shelter Or Knowing How To Create It.
You will need equipment, supplies and tools that will allow you to:
  • Make Water Safe For Drinking.
  • Store Food.
  • Treat Injuries.
Other skills that are advantageous when it comes to survival, are being able to swim and climb. 

Loss Is Random & Preparation Not - therefore it makes sense to be in control of the preparation, in readiness for loss.

Food & Water - Are at the top of the list for disaster and survival preparation. You will need to make sure supplies are efficient in quantity, for the amount of time thought needed. Making sure these supplies are monitored periodically, to make sure they are valid as survival equipment, when needed.

Does This All Sound A Little Too Daunting?

It often does but do not worry, as there are survival & evacuation supplies, that are easily  and readily available. Allowing you to get your family and home quickly prepared, with a minimum of fuss and stress. Survival supplies that are supplied by experts in the field of survival & evacuation. 

Survival kits containing supplies and tools provide a person with these basics:
  • Temporary Shelter & Warmth.
  • First Aid Products.
  • Food & Water.
  • Signaling Equipment - Such As Lights And Communication Equipment.
Are You Aware Of The Amount Of Food & Water Needed For Survival In A Dangerous Situation?

Emergency Food & Water - Are the most essential of all the survival supplies. In most cases a human can survive a maximum of three days, without the intake of water. The length of survival will depend upon climate conditions, and physical exertion. A typical person, will lose two or three litres of water per day in ordinary conditions, but in hot, dry, or cold weather this can increase. A lack of water causes dehydration and results in lethargy, headaches, dizziness, confusion, and eventually death.

Food Survival Kit - 5 Year Shelf Life Industry Standard

The following is a guide of the food and water requirements, for a person, for a minimum three day period:
  • Fifteen litres of water [Five litres per person per day.
  • Non-perishable food for at least three days.
  • Water purification tablets, aqua blox water, water filters.
  • Food bars.

Aqua Blox Water - 5 Year Shelf Life Industry Standard

Remember this, surviving a dangerous situation is crucial. Food and water is just some of theimperative gear needed to make it successful. 

The easiest way to find out what you need for your family and home is to visit online:

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Loss Is Random - Preparation Is Not!

LOSS IS RANDOM - PREPARATION IS NOT! - Will You Keep On Gambling With Your Home After Watching These Video?

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