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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Personal Security Solutions - Personal Safety Protection

The Lipstick Pepper Spray - Your Disguised Personal Security Device

Is Your Level Of Personal Safety Protection, Enough For Yourself & Family Whilst In The Home?

Are You Aware That Personal Security Devices Can Come In Many Disguises?

The home environment is often thought of and created to be our safest place. We install an endless list of products and implement procedures, to create this safe haven. Products and procedures such as:
  • Insurance Policies.
  • Disaster Plans.
  • Evacuation & Survival Equipment.
  • Security & Surveillance.
What About Your Personal Safety Though - How Protected Are You From The Unexpected & Do You Have A Personal Security Device?

The media reports daily about global increases in:
  • ID Theft.
  • Internet Fraud.
  • Theft.
  • Personal Assault.
It makes sense in this environment, to focus more on our own personal and families safety. Making sure that if our 'home firewall' of impenetrable devices, is unexpectedly breached, we are fully prepared. We need to remember that the threat, may not be directly outside the house, but in some cases at the end of a phone, or in front of a PC. It can be in sometimes too easy, for us to be encouraged to venture outside our 'castle', under a false pretense and therefore being unprepared for the unexpected. Add to this all of the common personal safety issues, we hear about in the media everyday, such as work, social occasion and internet dating issues.

So What Is The Protection Of Your Personal Space & Safety Worth?

Anyone can suffer from the invasion of personal space, so it is best to be prepared. It can happen at any time. We tend to think it may happen outside of our home, this is not always the case though. There are many simple and easy solutions for increasing personal safety, personal security and protection. Solutions that if you ever have to use, are priceless at the time of need. Personal Security Devices are the ideal personal security solution, they provide excellent personal safety protection. Your own personal security solution could be a:
  • Pepper Spray.
  • High Quality Stun Gun.
  • Cell Phone Stun Gun.
  • Mace Alarm & Flash Light.
  • Personal Alarm.
  • Taser.

The Personal Security Store - Meets The Needs Of Your Personal Security Solutions

What Is An Easy, Simple, Disguised Solution For Increasing Personal Safety In The Home?

A Pepper Spray is one simple solution to increasing personal safety in the home, and in many outside of the home situations. A Pepper Spray emits a peppery spray into the face of the aggressor. Pepper Spray devices, are a popular personal protection device, chosen by young women as a deterrent, as they:
  • Are Compact.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Come In Clip-On Form.
  • Can Be Disguised As A Lipstick Or Ring.
Pepper Sprays are available in combo packs making them ideal for endless situations. There are even Pepper Sprays disguised cleverly as pens and books!

If you are not aware of the facts about Pepper Spray, the basics are:
  • Pepper Spray is a natural oil.
  • The heat generated by this Pepper Spray oil, can be over 15 times hotter than a Habanero pepper!
The Pepper Spray device:
  • Is A Very Effective Personal Safety Protection Device.
  • Is Safe.
  • Works Well With Aggressors Who Are On Drugs : Alcohol.
  • Works Well Against Dogs & Wild Animals.
An important note is the fact that Pepper Sprays often contain UV [Ultraviolet] dye, that remains on the skin of the aggressor. Unable to wash the dye off, means there is an increased chance of identification and arrest.

The legal use of Pepper Sprays depends on your locality, and the best way to find if they are legal in your area, is to contact your authorities or the supplier.

So Where Do I Go For More Information On Personal Security Protection Devices & Products?

If you are looking to learn more about creating your Personal Security Solution, to increase your own and families personal safety, you could visit Personal Security Solutions. This on-line supplier of Personal Protection Products, offers an endless list of products aimed primarily at increasing personal safety and home security. A Pepper Spray is an inexpensive solution, supplying protection for members of your family, for all personal attack situations.

Protect yourself & family today by visiting this Personal Security Store. They further offer:
  • Child Safety Monitors / Safety Kits.
  • Home Protection Devices.
  • Voice Changers.
  • Personal Safety Lights.
  • Instructional Fighting DVD's.
  • Home Security & Surveillance.
Personal Security Solutions Meets The Needs Of Your Personal Safety Protection.

The Personal Security Store - Meets The Needs Of Your Personal Security Solutions

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