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Friday, January 30, 2009

Tenant Inventories - Increase Tenancy & Reduce Theft

Reduce Any Chance Of Dispute With A Tenant Inventory

Would You Like To Know Of An Easy Solution To Making Sure Your Tenancy, Is As Dispute Free As Possible?

What Can You Do To Increase The Chances Of A Longer Tenancy & Reduce The Chances Of Theft!

Aussie Home Inventories offers solutions to tenants, for decreasing the chances of landlord dispute and theft. At the same time increasing the chances of a longer tenancy.

What Is The Solution?

We offer all tenants, Tenant Inventories. Inventories that record and document all of the property and contents. Inventories that are easily forwarded to the authorities and insurance suppliers, when the need arises.

You may be in a furnished, or partly furnished property, where your possessions are mixed in with those of the landlord. A Tenants Inventory, is going to help you keep an accurate record of what you own and what is the landlords. Allowing you to also keep track of your possessions, work out the value and take out insurance cover.

Finding It Hard To Obtain Insurance, In Your Rented Property?

If the history of a rented property shows a previously high burglary rate, then you may be finding it hard to gain insurance. The Tenants Inventory will be the document you show your insurance supplier. Proving that you are serious about taking out insurance and therefore increasing the chances of it being granted.

The Tenants Inventory will contain documented and photographic evidence, which is useful in reducing any dispute that should arise with your landlord. The same documentation when in electronic form, can be instantly forwarded to the insurer and authorities, in case of theft or loss.

If your landlord is not supplying you with a copy of a Landlords Inventory, at the commencement of your tenancy, then you need to get your inventory taken asap. To maximise your interests, it would be best to have your inventory taken by a independent third party Home Inventory Service. By contacting your local Home Inventory Service, your inventory will be completed accurately, professionally and save you the time.

A Tenants Inventory taken at the start of tenancy, will contain details on:
  • Condition of the property & contents.
  • Brand names of white goods installed.
  • Type of furniture provided.
  • Condition of other items, such as pool pump.
  • Existing fair wear and tear on the property and its contents, prior to you moving in.
A Tenants Inventory easily proves these facts in case of dispute! Other reasons for making sure you have a Tenants Inventory are:
  • Less than 50% of landlords have landlords insurance.
  • Under landlords insurance your contents are not insured.
  • Rented properties are simply broke into more. The burglar may often know the property well!
It has been reported that rented properties have a higher % of break-ins. [1.5 times higher than non-rented. Rented homes are burgled at a rate of 1 in 4. This figure being 1 in 3 in Australian cities. Source NRMA Report - 2007].

Both tenant and landlord should take these statistics on-board. Insurance statistics report that most tenants, do not have insurance. In Australia this is reported as high as 70%!

Where a tenant does not have insurance, the chances of recovery from burglary, need to be maximised. Recovery of the property is this case, is only way to recover from the loss!

In the present environment where short term tenancies are common, it pays to increase the chances of being able to maximise the length of tenancy. The Tenants Inventory is the way you prove, to your landlord that you are REALLY SERIOUS, about the agreement. Tenants can rest assured, knowing their tenancy is not going to be cut short!

A landlord who knows the tenant cares about his property, is more likely to keep that tenant. Shorter term tenancies create more problems for the landlord and also increase the risk of theft, and damage to his property.

By creating a Tenants Inventory, you are:
  • Decreasing the chances of dispute.
  • Decreasing the chances of theft.
  • Increasing your chances of obtaining insurance.
  • Increasing the chances of a longer tenancy.
Remember This Is Exactly What Your Landlord Also Wants!

Contact your local Home Inventory Service and get your inventory created today!

Aussie Home Inventories provides Tenant Inventories to tenants, house minders, students & lodgers. Inventories that record and document property in rented accommodation and storage.

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  1. Fantastic Article.

    The importance of a home inventory report is crucial to ensure the integrity of your home or investment remains. I work for an inventory company - and while we only work for a small area in the U.K we have posted some useful information regarding practice and prodecudres for maintaining propert integrity.

    Inventory and Property Information


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