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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Property Loss Plus Memory Loss : Reduces Insurance Claims

A Home Inventory Is A Major Part Of Disaster Preparation

If The Only Way To Make An Accurate Claim On Property Losses, Was To Rely On Your Memory How Would You Go?

It Is Sad To Realise That This Is The Only Choice Some People Are Left With, When Trying To Substantiate A Loss!

This tragic scenario can happen! In fact it has, and is happening to many of our fellow Australian's. Unfortunate enough to not have a Home Inventory, or for it to have been destroyed during the disaster. The only tool left to them, for proving their recent losses, is their memory!

When we are asked to imagine a loss, we often imagine walking around the home, looking at damaged parts of the home or missing items of property. What we never imagine, is the fact the event we insured our property for, knocked on the door! Leaving us with an empty space, where once our cherished items and hard earned possessions stood!

Sometimes You May Have No Other Option Than To Rely On Memory!

When a disaster so great, affects our property in such a way, it is obviously going to be effecting all those involved, in a much greater variable magnitude. Too great a magnitude to describe here!

The simple crux of the matter though, is how would anyone be expected to try and remember the smallest of details! After a scenario like this, the memory may hide aspects of the disaster to protect the 'self'. Inside these inaccessible memories, are details of your property. So hard as you may try to remember, you cannot!

As is the case where there is no property left, there is nothing to relate to and 'jog the memory'. After time, chances are greatly reduced of ever recapping those memories. By then people have moved forward. There are so many reasons, it may be difficult to remember.

Homes may often not suffer a total loss, but the property or surrounding area, may be in such a condition that it is unsafe to enter. Such as happens, when homes are involved in earthquakes or major landslides. The local authorities may deem the area too unsafe to access!

Whatever the reasons for losses of such a magnitude, it shows that a full record of property is needed before the disaster, and secondly it needs to be stored away from the home.

One thing is for sure, that any Home Inventory found to be intact after the recent Victorian fires, would be one of the greatest assets to the owner at this time. For those people unfortunate to be looking at a vacant plot, how much would they value a Home Inventory?

A Home Inventory Is Priceless After A Disaster!

If only we had Property Inventories of all the lost homes and businesses. We wish we did! We would be helping those homes and families at their time of need.

With the increase in frequency and severity of natural disasters, it is even more important to be prepared for loss. This means being aware of the type of loss that could occur, and how to maximise the protection of family and home. All homes need to be better prepared for loss, from disaster preparation, to evacuation and survival equipment, awareness and planning.

Should that event occur, that we knowingly insure our homes for every year, we will be prepared as well as possible. Get started today on your loss preparation!

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Loss Is Random - Preparation Is Not!

LOSS IS RANDOM - PREPARATION IS NOT! - Will You Keep On Gambling With Your Home After Watching These Video?

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