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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Home Inventory Video - Inventories Make Common Sense

Victorian Bushfire Australia February 2009

You Would Have Ask Yourself, With The Increase In Natural Disasters Why Is It, That Most Homes Still Don't Have An Inventory Of Their Property & Contents?

Why Do People Think Loss Will Never Happen? Do We Not Insure Our Homes For Loss, For An Event?

So why do so many homes never bother to take inventory of their hard earned possessions, their sentimental items? The bottom line is, you will have a hell of a job ahead, if you aim to create your inventory from memory!

How do you think the owners of the home pictured above went, when attempting to provide thier Insurance Company with the required list of destroyed contents. Taking inventory is plain common sense and a lot easier when your property is in front of you.

The following video by Money Talks [America] with Stacey Johnson, simply states the obvious solution, as being a Home Inventory, when it comes to being prepared for loss.

Rich Connette a Property Loss Consultant states" “I’ve yet to meet a person in 17 years, that knew exactly everything that they owned. The insurance company wants you to write down everything… down to the sock. If you don’t remember it, the insurance companies like that because that’s just less money that they have to pay out.”

So are you one of the homeowners Rich is talking about, "Virtually zero homeowners are prepared to make their insurance company pay."

By Paying Your Home Insurance Premium What Do You Expect For The Service?

If you doubt at all, you will NOT RECEIVE the service you are paying for, then you know what to do!
  1. Record Your Property.
  2. Correct Your Cover, As Your Most Likely Under-Insured.
  3. Keep Your Inventory In A Safe Place ie The Bank.
A Home Inventory is not just something you know the Insurance Company is going to ask for, its common sense. Make your insurance worth the premium. Complete the system today.

Your fooling yourself by putting it off any longer.

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Loss Is Random - Preparation Is Not!

LOSS IS RANDOM - PREPARATION IS NOT! - Will You Keep On Gambling With Your Home After Watching These Video?

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